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Penelope, spindle. Penelope was a loyal and devoted wife, who waited her husband, Odysseus, king of Ithaca, to come back from the Trojan War, for twenty years.
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Clutch with a handstrap that can either be used as a strap for hand or wristlet. It is horizontally placed on the clutch, so the hand can pass through it and hold the clutch from the bottom. The strap may be detached from one side and create a knot for a wristlet.

Water and stain resistant fabric (100% synthetic fiber), fabric of the strap (100% polyester), metal zipper with metal rings and leather details.

Inside lining (100% cotton) in natural color with one convenient pocket.

Beige-grey brass zipper.Snap fasteners (gold)                                

Size of bag: Width 32cm, Height 22cm

Drop length: 19cm

Color: Pink (clutch fabric), pink with white details (handstrap fabric)

Hand wash gently -within any spotted area- with luke warm water and a gentle detergent.

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