Odysseus backpack

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Odysseus, King of Ithaka. His wife, Penelope, asked to marry one of the suitors that could bend Odyssseus’ bow string it and shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes. As expected, no-one was successful in bending the bow, except Odysseus who was standing there disguised as a beggar.
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Waterproof & untarnished backpack (100% synthetic fiber) with a removable top-clutch (100% polyester) – patent design no 6004324-0001.

Digital printing and genuine leather details.

Lining inside (100% cotton fabric) in natural color with one convenient inside pocket and a rigid bag bottom.

Size of backpack: Width 36 cm, Height 41 cm

Size of clutch: Width 36 cm, Height 22 cm

Color: Mint, black & grey

Hand wash gently

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Handmade product.