Sirens earrings (gold)

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Sirens, tempted song. In order for them not to be tempted by their song, Circe counseled them to plug their ears with beeswax and keep on rowing until they were in the clear. But Odysseus wanted to hear this lovely song of the Sirens and he ordered his men to tie him up on the mast, so that he would be able to listen but not follow them.
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Gold plated (22K) earrings with butterfly clasps (925ο). Laser cut with additional handmade editing process.

Each package is accompanied with a short story of these symbols and figures and their graphic.

Earrings size: Width 2,5 cm, Height 2,85 cm

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To preserve gold plating please take care of your jewels by avoiding any chemical, spray or/and lotion. Please remember that also skin ph may expedite color damage, so keep your jewels clean and safe into their box.

Laser cut and handmade process. When the product is not in stock it's being constructed within 5-7 days.